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It has been a great time writing on this blog but it has come to an end. I hope you enjoyed reading, and I thank you for reading. Until next time.


Inspired By

This free verse was inspired by another free verse called Guilt

Oh how I hate this heart

The way if differs from my mind

It pulls me in different directions

What is wrong from right?

Did I make a mistake?

Will this guilt ever leave?

Goodbye (show & tell)

A single day, a single person, yet it all seems so different. Time flies and everyone else is left behind. Do you feel happy or sad? The world is ahead of you, yet putting the past behind is a struggle. Fun and hard times run through your mind. It feels like it has been a life time, except it has only been a few years. The best is yet to come, the past is forgotten. A new story has begun, live your new life.


Check out our script here: Before I Go

It is about two unlikely men, both with death coming soon. But before it comes knocking, a friendship is formed.

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shinning sun

as it rises,

the dew melts away

creating a warm, beautiful day

I picked the oulipo poem because it was one of the first type of poems we learned about and I really liked the flow of it. I loved that there was nothing to rhyme and had few requirement other than it growing. The poem is not a personal connection but I just think the morning starting a new describes how everyday can be made into a beautiful day.

When we started the poetry unit, I wasn’t that excited. It was not because I hate poetry, I love to read it and enjoy the lessons you can learn from it. Writing it on the other hand is not what I wanted to do. I can’t say this helped me enjoy writing poetry and made want to do it more but I do have a greater appreciation for poets. I will continue reading poetry and if I feel inspired I have learned types of poems to write.

courtesy of Pexels

The Treasure

We have always been told to live

A life full of joy

To constantly give

Yet so many people are willing to destroy

The little treasure we hold

We seem to treat it like a toy

Instead of loving it like gold

Can we take a step back

And let the happiness of life unfold

Before all the sadness comes to attack

There are so many things we can adore

Life can have some payback

But somethings we can ignore

It is a gift, not a hardship

So live don’t hold back anymore


The warm air beings to fill the sky. Summer seems so close, almost in reach. To enjoy the warm days again and have the beautiful sun rise down. The feeling of freedom comes to mind with the word summer.

Breaking Point

Everyone has a breaking point. A point where they can’t do it anymore. Work overwhelms them, life overwhelms them. It isn’t meant to be easy, there is not magic fix to always enjoy life. It is hard, that is what makes it life. But it is not meant to break you. If you are breaking change something.